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February 18 2015
GRANITE DIRECT, INC The processing of granite monuments was carried out by thousands of people for centuries, but the time factor played no decisive role since the aim was to make beautiful, precise, monumental and grandiose products. The Greek civilization left a small number of granite products since marble was the Lord in ancient Hellas. It was used to build the world famous monuments in Athens. And yet, we have to mention Agamemnon's tomb in Mycenae made of green porphyry. The Romans, who used the knowledge and experience of their... Read More
February 03 2015
GRANITE DIRECT, INC Granite is the history of human civilization. Natural stone has always been a crucial part of the material culture of the human race. Mankind faced the need to process stone as early as the beginning of its development. During the earliest cultural-historical period, the stone age (approx. from 800 to 5 thousand years BC) stone was the main material used to make tools (axes, hoes), weapons (arrow tips, spears), ornaments, and attributes symbolizing the meaning of human life, dwellings, and religious monuments. The great... Read More
January 21 2015
GRANITE DIRECT, INC General Information on Denver Granite  The concept of granite is not a clear notion to many people in Denver, CO. the modern high-tech and computerized world. It is still a common belief that every polished stone is marble. In fact, the difference between marble and granite is very big. Marble is a carbonate rock that is easy to grind and polish but has lower hardness compared with granite. The products made of this material are not resistant to the adverse weather conditions, which makes them suitable mainly for enclosed... Read More
October 14 2014
GRANITE DIRECT, INC What should I know about choosing granite? Granite is a natural stone. It is very hard and durable, heat and scratch resistant as well as easy to maintain. Aside from the practical aspect, granite is very versatile in the design field. It comes in various colors and structural compositions. All stones are not exactly the same; each lot will have unique characteristics attributed to the specific granite. Because it is a natural stone, it has been blessed with a remarkable natural beauty that has captivated humans throughout... Read More