Essence of all Granite Slabs in Denver

Essence of all Granite Slabs in Denver

Granite Countertops in Denver, Colorado Springs,

Fort Collins, Breckenridge, Keystone, and Vail


Some Old Granite History: U.S. Geological Survey 1894

Carved Granite.

Statues, capitals, keystones, and, in general, all highly ornamental designs, are worked out with chisels from detail drawings or plaster casts. It is necessarily a slow process, owing to the hardness of the rock, and the cost of such work is consequently great. The MacCoy pneumatic tool is connected to a flexible pipe, supplying the compressed air or steam by which it is driven, and works at a remarkably high rate of speed. It may be moved to any part of a surface, and works with a celerity unapproached by other means.

The use of granite for sculpture is steadily increasing, particularly for outdoor statuary. The white fine-grained muscovite-biotite granite found at Hallowell, Manchester, and Augusta, in Maine, is particularly well adapted for this purpose. Statues made of the Hallowell granite are to be found in nearly every State, though possibly the stone is not superior to varieties found in other localities.