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Granite Direct News

November 26 2013
We are truly a one-stop shop for granite slabs and finished granite countertops. Our customers can make their selection of granite slabs right in our warehouse and sit down with an experienced granite countertop expert to receive a firm bid for their dream granite kitchen countertop. Give us a call at 303-282-8317 for a free price quote on your next kitchen or bathroom counter top installation. Visit our showroom today!
November 26 2013
When purchasing granite slabs, wholesale will ensure the best price and give you the freedom to choose the ideal slab for your home or project. This also provides you the peace of mind that the slabs will match as they have all come from the same location. As granite can vary greatly, it is very important to have even-patterned and even-colored pieces if you want your project to have continuity. Having a large batch of granite it the best way to ensure consistency and this can only be done by... Read More