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A kitchen renovation not only helps you fall in love with the space all over again, it can also significantly raise the value of your home. Just ask any real estate professional and he or she will tell you “kitchens sell homes!” When it comes time to choose the material for the countertops, you have different choices available to you. Those on a tight budget may go with a laminate countertop. There’s also block wood countertops, stainless steel countertops and concrete. But not many people will argue that if you want a beautiful and timeless material for your kitchen countertops, you simply... Read More
*/ Having granite counter tops is a beautiful addition to your kitchen, and can really transform the space. While a homeowner is replacing the countertops, they also often look at their sink to see if they’d like to keep it or get a new one. That said, most homeowners will update their sink, to match the beauty of their new counter tops. For years, under-mount stainless steel sinks have remained as a staple in kitchens. However, as technologies change and improve, people looking to update their sinks should consider the following factor: Types of Sink Mounts: Currently, you can have... Read More
*/ People who are about to purchase a granite countertop for their kitchen or bathroom, generally have a common question in mind- How much maintenance will it take to keep my new countertops in a good shape? Granite countertops inherently make answering this question very easy: They are a perfect combination of strength, durability, and toughness, and stay fully resistant to almost all stains, hot pans, liquid, and microbial growths. So in regards to how much maintenance will be required, if you get granite countertops in your kitchen, there’s really not a lot you need to do, due to the... Read More