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March 09 2021
Granite is, without a doubt, one of the most aesthetic and practical types of stone for bathroom and kitchen countertops. It is durable, solid, chemical-resistant, and lasts for as long as 15 years if properly cared for. Despite all its amazing properties, you will encounter several myths while considering installing it. Some of them are just blatantly wrong and confuse potential buyers in Denver.   Many of our Denver granite countertop customers have shared horrible stories with us, not knowing that most of what they hear is far away from the... Read More
March 09 2021
No home in Denver is complete without an outdoor kitchen countertop where we’ve all enjoyed memorable meals with our friends, and family members at some point in time. But with all other countertops, it requires care and maintenance.   Preferred choice for Denver outdoor countertops is granite, which is natural, heat-resistant, durable and long life. As with any granite countertop, you can expect at least 15 years of shelf life without any damages. But that may not be the same for outdoor countertops since they come in contact with heat on a... Read More
January 19 2021
So, you just settled on remodeling your kitchen with a granite countertop. Great choice! However, there’s a variety of granite countertops that you’ll see on the market. Which one suits you the best in terms of granite countertop budget and design will eventually depend upon a number of factors. Read on to find out more. Decide on Your Budget Stone of Choice Factors Which Will Affect The Cost Of Your Granite Countertop Pick Lower-Grade Granite Survey the Market Choose a Lighter Shade Buy Prefabricated Granite Get a Thinner Slice Granite... Read More
April 09 2020
They say the kitchen's the heart of the home. With so much time spent in your house's culinary center, you want it to look good.  One of the most critical choices — and expenses — in your remodeling project will be the countertops. A gorgeous slab of stone will completely transform the space. That's why you need to be sure you pick the right one.  So, check out these eight trends in kitchen countertop designs to see which would best your space. 1. Quartz Quartz remains a popular material because it's non-porous. So, you can chop, slice and... Read More
January 25 2020
Of all the kitchen upgrades you could make, countertops appear again and again in the number-one spot. The reason? Countertops take us so much surface area that damaged or old ones not only look bad, but they're more challenging to clean, too. So, when considering your new countertops, what material should you use? The research shows that quartz kitchen countertops are the second most popular option for homeowners. There are several reasons to choose quartz. If you're unsure if it's the right fit for your home, keep reading for a better idea... Read More
December 17 2019
Whether you're buying a home or planning a kitchen remodel, the countertops can make a huge impact in this very important space. Before you decide what type of counters you prefer, it's important to learn about the many benefits of natural stone. When you select this type of product, you'll reap a wide array of benefits ranging from striking aesthetics to unmatched durability. Read on to discover why choosing natural stone countertops will make your kitchen more beautiful and functional. Amazing Variety Since all forms of natural stone... Read More
November 06 2019
Granite is one of the most popular types of kitchen countertops. It's also a lot more affordable than many other stone countertop materials.  But that doesn't mean it's cheap.  Before you start shopping, you should know how much granite countertops cost. This will help you find the cheapest granite countertops without sacrificing quality.  We've put together this guide to help you understand the cost of granite and how to save when you're buying your new counter. So let's get started!  How Much Do Granite Countertops Cost? Granite countertops... Read More
September 26 2019
Renovating a kitchen can be exciting. But it can also be expensive! You have your heart set on certain items and hate to pass them up simply because they don’t fit into your budget. Most homeowners have this issue when selecting the material for their countertops. Many want to go with classic granite. After all, this natural stone is beautiful and durable. And, since no two slabs are alike, every granite countertop is totally unique. But, as many homeowners want to choose granite, their budgets can only handle more affordable materials such... Read More
September 12 2019
A kitchen renovation not only helps you fall in love with the space all over again, but it can also significantly raise the value of your home. Just ask any real estate professional, and he or she will tell you, “kitchens sell homes!” When it comes time to choose the material for the countertops, you have different choices available to you. Those on a tight budget may go with a laminate countertop. There are also block wood countertops, stainless steel countertops, and concrete. But not many people will argue that if you want a beautiful and... Read More
December 17 2018
*/ Having granite counter tops is a beautiful addition to your kitchen, and can really transform the space. While a homeowner is replacing the countertops, they also often look at their sink to see if they’d like to keep it or get a new one. That said, most homeowners will update their sink, to match the beauty of their new counter tops. For years, under-mount stainless steel sinks have remained as a staple in kitchens. However, as technologies change and improve, people looking to update their sinks should consider the following factor:... Read More