Granite Countertops Longevity/Beauty Here to Stay

Granite Countertops Longevity/Beauty Here to Stay

Granite Countertops:

Granite is a very hard substance and will take normal wear and tear very well. Granite is heat resistant and can withstand the placement of cooking vessels directly from the stove or oven to the counter top without damages. However, we still advise to use of trivets and heating pads. Granite is also scratch resistant. Although, we do not suggest using it as a cutting surface. Over time, repeated use as a cutting surface can dull the knife blade and finish. Nevertheless granite has proven to be very durable. You should still always use caution when cleaning and be sure not to use any abrasive chemicals. A simple clean with warm soapy water will do the just fine and if you are looking for a deeper clean it is always recommended to use a specially formulated stone cleaner and polish.

Granite continues to be the preferred choice for kitchen countertops nationwide. Granite is 100% natural, durable, easy to maintain, and available in hundreds of colors and textures. Granite is also versatile — from subtle whites to deep blacks, and everything in between, there is a variety of natural granite to complement any design style.

Here are four great reasons that show why granite remains the most popular countertop choice:

1. Granite Countertops Instantly Increase Your Home’s Value.

Have you ever watched a home improvement or real estate show on television? You’ll notice that the first thing consumer’s look for in a kitchen is granite countertops. While other countertop materials may mimic the look of granite, they pale in comparison to the real thing. Consumers love the natural beauty and durability of granite countertops. They add a sense of luxury to any kitchen.

Although the housing market is recovering in the United States, it is still very much a “buyer’s market” in many regions. This is good news for homeowners who have installed granite countertops in their kitchens. Granite is a strong selling point that positively influences buyers.

2. Granite Countertops are One-of-a-Kind!

Each granite slab is unique; no two pieces will ever look exactly alike. Granite countertops are often compared to pieces of art — they are one-of-a-kind; a priceless addition to your home regardless of your design style. Whether you prefer a dramatic stone with prominent veining and a vibrant color, or a more subtle stone with minimal veining in a neutral black, white, or gray, there is a type of granite to meet your need.

3. Granite Countertops are Resistant to Heat, Stains, and Etching.

Some people worry that granite is too “high maintenance” for their kitchen. Not true! Granite is one of the hardest materials on earth, making it resistant to staining and etching. It is also heat resistant, although using trivets is recommended. After each meal, just wipe down your countertops with a soft cloth and gentle cleanser (such as a mild dish detergent).

4. Granite Countertops are an Affordable Long-Term Investment.

Countertops are an integral part of the design and functionality of any kitchen. You’ll use them daily — so why not choose a countertop material that will stand the test of time? People have been using granite for centuries because of its beauty and durability. Granite countertops are strong enough to last a lifetime. Worried about the price? Many varieties of granite are comparably priced to other countertop materials, and are likely to last longer than most man-made options.

It’s a fact: Granite is here to stay. Granite countertops create a classic look that will stay stylish for years to come, and are durable enough to withstand the activities of daily life. With granite, you can rest assured that your countertops will keep your kitchen looking lively and remain a stunning focal point in your home.

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