How Much Maintenance Will My Granite Countertop Require?

How Much Maintenance Will My Granite Countertop Require?

People who are about to purchase a granite countertop for their kitchen or bathroom, generally have a common question in mind- How much maintenance will it take to keep my new countertops in a good shape?

Granite countertops inherently make answering this question very easy:

They are a perfect combination of strength, durability, and toughness, and stay fully resistant to almost all stains, hot pans, liquid, and microbial growths.

So in regards to how much maintenance will be required, if you get granite countertops in your kitchen, there’s really not a lot you need to do, due to the fact they are so tough to begin with.

That said, here are some important tips on how to keep your kitchen and bathroom, granite countertop in great shape:

What’s Necessary For Maintenance:

As a part of regular maintenance routine for your granite countertop, here are some tips you can follow:

  • You can wipe them regularly with a soft cloth, and warm water. This is enough to remove the vast majority of stains.
  • You can wash them occasionally with mild soap and warm water, in order to keep the shine.
  • There are some stone cleaners like Rejuvenata Spray, which can be occasionally used to clean your granite countertops. These granite slabs from which your counter tops were made, were sealed initially and these types of cleaners have a bit of stone sealant too, which keep the slabs non-porous and prevents percolation of water.
  • If acidic or dark-colored liquids such as lemon juice, wine, soda or vinegar etc., get spilled on your countertops, you need to wipe them away as soon as possible. All of these liquids not only lead to discoloration, they can also etch the granite.

What You Should Not Do:

It’s obvious that if you are hard on your new granite countertops, they would lose their beauty sooner. Here are some things you should never do, while maintaining your granite countertop:

  • You should never use abrasive chemicals or harsh liquids with wire brushes. Not only will this discolor the surface, but it will also wear down the sealant and may cause scratches.
  • Cleaners containing ammonia and bleaches should never be used.
  • Powdered or cream stone cleansers should be used very cautiously. Many of these are highly abrasive.
  • Putting a lot of weight, sitting, and standing on granite countertop should also never be done.

In general, you should always follow the instructions from the granite suppliers and importers who installed the counter tops in your kitchen or bathroom.

These professionals will offer you the best assistance on how to keep your granite countertops beautiful for long a long time.