How to Decorate Your Airbnb, and Make Your Listing Stand Out!

How to Decorate Your Airbnb, and Make Your Listing Stand Out!

Many people remember how Airbnb took the spotlight just a few years ago, growing into a huge company at an incredible rate of speed. These days, Airbnb has a valuation of more than $90 billion! As we approach the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, there is a good chance that Airbnb will continue to grow in value. 

With this increasing popularity, knowing how to decorate your Airbnb so that your Airbnb listing stands out is more important than ever before. That is why following kitchen design trends and employing thoughtful design choices can be profitable as well as creative.

Read on to learn all about the most important interior design rules to follow to maximize demand for your Airbnb!

How to Decorate Your Airbnb, and Make Your Listing Stand Out!

Mix Thoughtful Design With Bold Choices

Many people are afraid to be bold with their Airbnb interior and exterior design. However, those who decide to experiment often end up with greater success in the long run.

Sometimes, that is because bold choices are more appealing than more usual design choices. However, in other cases, it is because experimentation leads you to find out which design choices work for your market and which do not.

It is worth trying out a number of different bold experimentations across time to find out if they are profitable for you. On top of that, it is a general rule that bold colors in your Airbnb will tend to make your listing more memorable.

That can lead to increased demand for your Airbnb and increase the probability that visitors recommend your Airbnb to their friends!

Adding color can sometimes be difficult, as in the case of painting your Airbnb a new color. However, it can also be as simple as adding the right colorful rugs to several rooms in your unit.

If you are unsure that bold colors will increase the desirability of your Denver area Airbnb, you can start with affordable experiments with colorful rugs and pillows and see how it affects demand for your listing.

Copy Hotel Styles for Interior Design

Many people have no idea where to start when it comes to interior design for their Airbnb. However, it is often a good idea to copy what we already know works and then innovate from there.

When you are starting out, it is often a good idea to copy the design choices of hotels. After all, many people turn to Airbnbs as a substitute for hotels. If they see an Airbnb that resembles a hotel in some ways, they may feel more comfortable staying there.

This can be especially important for sensitive areas of the Airbnb like the bedroom. Using white bedding, as is common in hotel rooms, can help people perceive the bedroom as a clean place where they can comfortably stay.

How to Decorate Your Airbnb, and Make Your Listing Stand Out!

Add Plants to Your Airbnb Listing

Sometimes, an Airbnb listing looks beautiful, and yet somehow lacks a certain appeal. The solution is often to incorporate plants into the listing. As much as we enjoy the professional products of our civilization and its manufacturing, nothing can substitute for the natural appeal of plants.

Placing plants in your Airbnb can give the impression that it is a wholesome place to live. It can also show that you take good care of your Airbnb, because plants can be sensitive to poor maintenance.

For that same reason, it is often a good idea to choose plants that require as little maintenance as possible to maintain their beauty and vibrancy.

Pick the Right Kitchen Countertops

Not everybody appreciates how much some people fantasize about their dream kitchen. If you can make your kitchen as beautiful and functional as possible, some people will decide to rent your Airbnb just so that they can enjoy using the kitchen space.

Almost nothing affects how functional and beautiful a kitchen is as much as the right countertops. After all, countertops are the main workspace for people cooking in the kitchen.

Marble and other quality countertops can sometimes make all the difference when you want your Airbnb to draw in more visitors.

Invest in a Bathroom Remodel

Certain flaws in an Airbnb listing are more forgivable than others. However, it is essential that your bathroom look as well put together and pristine as possible.

Sometimes, even the cleanest bathroom will look dingy and unattractive due to poor lighting and poor design choices. If your Airbnb is not bringing in as much interest as you would like, the solution might be to invest in a bathroom remodel. With the right countertops, color choices, and lighting, your bathroom can come to life.

How to Decorate Your Airbnb, and Make Your Listing Stand Out!

Stock up on Airbnb Bathroom Essentials

It can also help to display that your bathroom is well-stocked with essentials as well as luxury bathroom items. This is another strong indicator that you provide excellent maintenance and cleaning for your Airbnb.

Make sure to include in your listing pictures plenty of bathroom essentials. It can also help to have some quality soaps and candles.

Remember to Create a Vacation Home

Airbnb decor is distinct from home decor. Don’t make the mistake of designing your Airbnb to resemble a normal home as much as possible.

After all, people will be visiting your Airbnb for a short amount of time. They often want something novel and exciting rather than something that feels just like the home that they came from.

How to Decorate Your Airbnb, and Make Your Listing Stand Out!

Use Vintage Design for Short-Term Rentals

Vintage items in your Airbnb can give it a sense of playfulness and taste.

Finding a few vintage items can help your Airbnb stand out from all of the other units that look more or less the same.

Understand How to Decorate Your Airbnb for Maximum Results

Thoughtful design when you decorate your Airbnb can make all the difference. Following kitchen design trends and being sure to maximize the effect of your kitchen countertops can increase demand for your Airbnb. If you want to stand out with your Airbnb listing, you may want to speak with home remodeling experts to create a unique living space!

To learn more about effective interior design for Airbnb listings, reach out and get in touch at any time!