Bathroom Design and Remodeling Ideas With Denver Granite

Bathroom Design and Remodeling Ideas With Denver Granite

Are you tired of staring at those sad fixtures and drab colors? Do you wish your bathroom was an oasis instead of an eyesore? If the answer is “yes” then it’s time for a bathroom remodel.

You can increase their home’s value by 12 percent with a bathroom remodel. Despite the benefits, many people feel overwhelmed by the idea of remodeling their bathrooms.

Some are intimidated by all the decisions they’ll have to make. Others assume the cost is too high without doing their research. Remodeling your bathroom doesn’t have to be stressful or over-the-top expensive.

At Denver Granite, we can work with you to create an affordable bathroom remodel you will love. Keep reading to find bathroom design ideas for your next remodel.

Add a Touch of Texture

The mixing of tones and textures creates interest. A unique mixture of bold prints and neutral colors works well in bathrooms of any size or design.


Even one wall of wallpaper adds a contrasting texture that can’t be duplicated with paint. Pair bold print wallpaper with a winter storm granite vanity. Fill in the rest of your bathroom with neutral tones and understated fixtures.

Creating movement with your wall and vanity is an excellent way to mix textures in your powder room.


Tile is another great way to add different types of texture. Consider one of these trending tile styles.

Honeycomb Tiles

On the floor, wall, or both! Large or small tiles, this style isn’t going anywhere! Honeycomb tile the floor to your granite-walled shower. Try an accent wall or subtle backsplash.

Subway Tiles

Subway tiles may be king of the backsplash, but don’t keep them in that box. Put subway tiles on an accent wall next to your granite vanity. Line the outside of your bathtub with subway tiles.

Install subway tiles horizontally, vertically, or try a herringbone pattern! Pair these with a Cygnus-Leathered Colorado granite vanity for an understated yet noticeable texture.

Penny Tiles

These little “pennies” pack a big design punch. Use penny tiles to make a statement with a pattern on your floor or shower wall. Find muted tones or bold, shimmery hues.

Create a penny tile backsplash with Callacutta-Matarazzo granite vanity. Line shower walls with penny tiles and finds the perfect granite accent floor.

Make your guests feel like royalty! Create texture and drama with a penny tile design above the porcelain throne.

Play With Color

Create the kind of mood you want for your commode with the perfect blend of bold colors. Avoid overwhelmingly dark colors for smaller bathrooms. It will only make them feel smaller. If you’re blessed with a big bathroom, go ahead and dare to dive into those dark tones.

The Ocean Is Calling

Transform your space with teal and aqua green hues. Large, arching designs will remind you of rolling ocean waves. Pair your beach-inspired colors with an oval porcelain glazed biscuit sink.

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Black and White

This color combo is classic and timeless. Create drama with black and white tiles. For a tidy, minimalist feel pair white granite vanity, tub, and shower with black fixtures.

Dress up your space with Black Galaxy granite vanity and shower walls. Select a rectangle white sink and white stool for an out-of-this-world bathroom design experience.

Clear and White

What about a bathroom with white vanity, sink, floor, stool, and shower? Toss in clear light fixtures and nickel fixtures. A clear, white, and nickel bathroom creates bright drama.

Use towels, rugs, and mirrors to create pops of color.

Dark and Stark

For guaranteed class, install Black Pearl Leather granite shower walls, vanity, and bathtub. Pair these beautiful deep tones with bright gold light fixtures and mirror frames.

A dark and stark bathroom done correctly is absolutely stunning. If you’re not sure how to pull it off, the pros at Denver Granite can help you conceptualize the design.

Good Morning, Sunshine!

Start and end your day with Pantone’s color of the year, Illuminating. Put this bright, sunny yellow on bathroom walls. Give your shower a splash of color with a yellow floor or some yellow honeycomb tile walls.

Add a white rectangle sink and granite vanity to your happy color scheme. Give some contrast with matte black light fixtures, cupboard handles, and drawer pulls. 

It’s Sheer Vanity

Granite is a great material for your next bathroom remodel. Check out some fun ways to style your vanity with granite countertops in Colorado.

Waterfall Vanity Top

A waterfall bathroom vanity is a great way to showcase your favorite Colorado granite. Short on space? A one-sided waterfall vanity creates a fun asymmetrical look.

All the Granite

Why stop at the countertop? For a bold, dramatic look, make an entire vanity out of Colorado granite. A solid one slab vanity made from Brown Antico granite will add a stunning element to your bathroom remodel.

Floating Vanity

Need more of a minimalist bathroom design? Try a floating countertop. A floating granite countertop is great for those space-saving bathrooms. Floating countertops create a spacious feel even in tighter quarters.

Place floor baskets underneath your floating granite vanity for extra storage. Place an oval undermount sink or double sinks to create a cool contrast to a rectangle or square vanity.

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Take Your Bathroom for Granite

Granite is the perfect update for your bathroom remodel. It’s durable, easy to clean, and comes in a wide variety of styles and patterns. Here are some fun ways to use granite in your bathroom design.

All Granite Tub

Surround your favorite soaking spot with granite. Big bathtubs are definitely on-trend in 2021. Show yours off with a fun granite surround, it will be the focal point of your bathroom.

Show Off the Shower

Also, trending this year? Clear shower enclosures. Large, glass shower doors with thin surrounding hardware are everywhere. While they can make your space feel larger, their real purpose is to show off your shower walls.

Picture the different tones and textures of Sequoia Grey granite showcased on your shower walls. Talk about the “Wow factor”!

The Slabsplash

Yes, you read that right. Replace your tiled backsplash with an entire granite slab. This gives you a dramatic and classy look. It can also make the bathroom ceiling appear higher!

Denver Granite Has What You Need

Worried about the cost of a new bathroom design? A simple vanity replacement can be all you need to give your facility that fresh new look. Simply swapping your old countertop for a new granite piece makes a dramatic difference.

Looking for a great selection of granite countertops in Denver? Denver Granite has you covered. We’d love to partner with you on your next bathroom remodel.

Stop by our showroom at 730 S. Jason St. #30 Denver, CO 80223, or give us a call at (303) 282-8317. Check out our website to browse our wide variety of inventory and send us a message today.